Team up with our people

Team up with our people

Team up with our people

We can also bring in independent, certified and supervised AEMD® therapists. They have undergone the same training and can support our team according to your needs.

Our story

AEMD AT WORK® was created by David Demann, building on a dual academic background in Macroeconomics and Psychology. He started his career by founding and running several communications and media businesses and a public-interest non-profit foundation.

He then decided to transition toward therapy and go beyond classic psychology models. He focused on emotions as the key trigger of behaviours: working on them enables fast and tangible progress, with efficient and long-lasting benefits.

After years of training and practice, in 2000, he created his method: AEMD®, combining cognitive and behavioural models, psychoanalysis fundamentals and innovative work on emotions. For the last 20+ years, David has been supporting thousands of individuals across Switzerland, France, the UK, Germany, Spain, the US, Japan and Hong Kong.

He modelled and started to teach his method: since 2007, he has trained and is supervising 30+ AEMD® therapists, and keeps enrolling future therapists.

Combining this approach with his business acumen and entrepreneurial expertise, he also advises and supports business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors. AEMD AT WORK® is now driven by a full team and running across multiple countries.

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