David Démann - CEO, Practitioner & Instructor - AEMD AT WORK

David Démann

David Démann



CEO, Practitioner & Instructor

After studying macroeconomics and clinical psychology, David Démann founded and directed a communications and marketing agency for nearly 10 years before dedicating himself to his early passion, psychotherapy. After years of practice and multiple trainings, David developed his own innovative method based on in-depth emotional work. Given his entrepreneurial experience, David has over time been asked by patients with corporate responsibilities to support them in their professional challenges. Facing a growing demand, he decided in 2019 to adapt the AEMD Method to the corporate world, creating AEMD AT WORK.

David continues to develop his own entrepreneurial projects and founded in 2018 the Observatoire de la Compétence Métier (OCM), a media specialised in management and human resources. David tutors the AEMD Method and supervises the AEMD and AEMD AT WORK practitioners.

Face-to-face sessions can take place in Paris and London, as well as online via zoom.

AEMD AT WORK was created to meet the needs and issues encountered by companies

AEMD AT WORK offers you individual and collective support sessions, workshops, conferences, as well as training sessions so that we may build tailored solutions together.

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