We are here to help you

We are here to help you

We are here to help you

What is the AEMD® Method?

The Method was created 25 years ago by David Demann, who holds a PhD in clinical psychology. It is a unique combination of cognitive and behavioural models, psychoanalysis fundamentals and innovative work on emotions. The AEMD® Method is modelled and articulated in a deep and structured tutorial, and it is officially registered in Switzerland since 2011. So far, it has been practised with 2000+ individuals across Switzerland, France, the UK, Germany, Spain, the US, Japan and Hong Kong.

Is the AEMD® Method registered?

Yes, the AEMD® Method is registered and recognised as a therapeutic support method in Switzerland, where David Demann graduated in clinical psychology and started to practise. The method is also approved by several Swiss health insurance companies (including AXA and Allianz) and the University of Geneva is considering its inclusion into a Chair.

Why and how does it work in the corporate world?

AEMD AT WORK® is our business-oriented approach dedicated to supporting leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and organisations.

We build on our expertise as former founders and business leaders and apply the AEMD® Method to act as sparring partners.

We help Individuals get closer to who they really are: we help identify their forms of intelligence, release their driving emotions, pacify their limiting emotions, and thus unlock their full instinct and potential as individuals and leaders. This in-depth work is an alternative to personality test-based methods; it focuses on the emotions felt and not solely on the behaviours resulting from these emotions. By questioning one's emotional patterns, one gains access to each person's authentic and profound personality traits.

We support Entrepreneurs in their journey by helping them reach maximum emotional freedom. This is critical to think big and manage the run in parallel successfully.

We partner with Investors and help them assess the Human Factor pre-deal. We also support integration post-deal and help optimise interactions.

Our work with business teams brings together different tools and programmes to foster engagement, affiliation and inspiration, ensuring cohesion and performance.

Finally, we support individuals and organisations as they go through turbulent times. We help prevent, detect, and manage Mental Health issues in the workplace. We also support individuals and teams in managing ambiguity and uncertainty during crises.

What is the curriculum of the AEMD® therapists?

David Demann, the creator of the method, is a doctor in psychology and therefore is highly qualified to teach the method. The other therapists have all held senior corporate positions prior to enrolling in the 2-year AEMD® training programme (400 hours), and an extra 100-hour course specifically dedicated to AEMD AT WORK® Method. They are certified AEMD® therapists, fully commit to the AEMD® Charter of Ethics and are supervised throughout their careers to ensure professional and ethical standards.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

Coaching methods are designed to help people overcome “here and now” difficulties. Therapy models consider the whole person in the past, present and future more comprehensively. They also help to solve all kinds of difficulties by providing a deeper grounding and a greater sense of self.

What makes you different?

We consistently build on our three pillars in everything we do.

A registered method. Compared to traditional coaching, our main difference is that we start with a unique therapy method adapted to the corporate world. On top of delivering immediate results, this approach ensures a much stronger long-term anchoring.
A team of work therapists. Former founders and business leaders, they have all turned to AEMD® out of passion and have completed a 400-hour training course over two years. They are regularly supervised and practice the AEMD® Method full-time.
A full set of programmes and tools tailored to your needs. From C-level coaching to scalable mentoring programmes or crisis management, we are equipped to support you in all your HR-related challenges and act as long-term trusted partners.

How do you measure performance?

We always start from a specific request, and if necessary, we run an audit to validate where we start from.

When we work with individuals, we continuously monitor progress with this person and the principal (manager, HR leader) during and at the end of the work.

We systematically audit in the three months following completion to validate that the progress made is anchored and sustainable. For group work, we implement a feedback and evaluation tool throughout the process, at the end of it, and three months later. We share the results with you.

Are you able to scale to a big organisation / multiple countries?

Yes, across Europe, we have 30 therapists and a tech team ready to run and scale any programme. We are based in the UK, France and Switzerland, and we have clients throughout Europe, Asia and North America.

What’s your 100% confidentiality?

AEMD® therapists are bound by the strictest professional secrecy. All AEMD®v therapists sign a Charter of Ethics which covers the confidentiality of the client and the work. This document is available on request.

We already have a mentoring platform: why would we need you?

We offer a way to make your internal mentoring mechanism more performing and reliable by bringing professional support for each mentorship. We embark on your mentors for a one-day training session to teach them the correct stance and encourage them to create constructive spaces for expression. Then, one of our therapists follows and supports mentor/mentee pairs throughout their journey.

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