We are people centric

We are people centric

We are people-centric

We build on 3 pillars to offer a tailored response to your needs

A registered therapy method adapted to the corporate world.

A registered therapy method adapted to the corporate world.

The AEMD® Method is a unique approach combining the deep-thinking model of analytical psychology, the interaction format of coaching, and a particular focus on emotions. Because our 25 years of practice have taught us that beyond understanding, emotions create THE inner trigger, which is then translated into an external movement: behaviour. Liberating the inner movement thus liberates the outer movement. Working on emotions allows rapid and tangible progress and provides efficient and sustainable anchoring.

So far, it has been practised by 30 certified therapists with more than 2,000 individuals and professionals over the years in Switzerland, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, the United States, Japan and Hong Kong.

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A team of certified practitioners with corporate experience

A team of certified and experienced work therapists

Former founders and business leaders, they have all turned to AEMD® out of passion and have completed a 400-hour training course over two years. They are regularly supervised and practise the AEMD® Method full-time.

They commit to the AEMD® Charter of Ethics, available on request.

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A full set of programmes and tools

A complete set of programmes and tools.

We are equipped to support you and your team in all human-related challenges. We offer a broad range of programmes, including Individual Development, Collective Engagement and Performance, Mental Health and Crisis Management, as well as bespoke programmes for Entrepreneurs and Investors.

Most importantly, we tailor our response to your specific challenges.

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