We are people centric

We are people centric

We are people-centric

We use the following principles in our work

We always start from an organisation as a group of people: we help them reach their best selves and therefore contribute to the company’s growth.
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We tailor our response to each organisation based on its people, values and culture.
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When coaching individuals, we empower them to become a support engine to others in their organisation.
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We build on 3 pillars to offer a tailored response to your needs

A registered therapy method adapted to the corporate world.

A registered therapy method adapted to the corporate world.

Created 25 years ago, the AEMD® Method combines cognitive and behavioural models, psychoanalysis fundamentals and innovative work on emotions.

In our approach, emotions are the driving force behind the therapeutic work and the key to anchoring people's progress over time.

The AEMD® Method is modelled and structured, and is officially registered in Switzerland since 2011.

So far, it is practised by 30 certified practitioners with more than 2,000 individuals and professionals over the years in Switzerland, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, the United States, Japan and Hong Kong.

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A team of certified practitioners with corporate experience

A team of certified practitioners with corporate experience

They have all held senior corporate positions prior to enrolling in the 2-year AEMD® training programme (up to 400 hours), and an extra 100-hour course specifically dedicated to the AEMD AT WORK® Method.

All practitioners are supervised and consistently develop their skills through individual and collective monthly supervision and quarterly training.

They all commit to the AEMD® Charter of Ethics, available on request.

Meet our certified in-house practitioners.

AEMD AT WORK® will launch its new UK training programme in the next few months, for more information or to apply - please get in touch.

A full set of programmes and tools

A full set of programmes and tools.

We are equipped to address your needs and support your organisation in all human-related challenges. We offer a broad range of programmes focusing on C-level leadership, Exco performance, team engagement, change and crisis management, mental and emotional health in the workplace as well as some bespoke tools for Entrepreneurs and Investors.

Most importantly, we tailor our response to your specific challenges.

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