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For over 20 years, the AEMD Method has helped more than 2000 people in Switzerland, France, the UK, Spain, Germany, Japan, the United States and Hong Kong. The AEMD Method is characterised by its direct and innovative action on emotions which allows people to perceive them better and faster in order to optimise their behaviour.

The AEMD Method blends tools from an analytical approach with behaviour and cognitive therapies.

For the past 10 years, David Démann, founder of the AEMD Method, psychotherapist and CEO, has been increasingly solicited by executives. This has naturally led him to develop specific tools and business-oriented coaching approach to meet their needs.

We created AEMD AT WORK, a dedicated support for corporates.
When coaching teams up with therapy and entrepreneurial expertise

AEMD AT WORK is an alternative to coaching, a new engaging tool for the transformation of corporate employee policies (HR, management, raison d’être…).

It is particularly effective thanks to:

  • AN APPROACH DESIGNED BY David Démann based on his experience as an entrepreneur (founder of a consulting and communication agency, a media website, the Foundation AEMD…)
  • MORE THAN 10 YEARS OF CORPORATE SUPPORT (large corporations, midcaps, SMEs, start-ups, law firms)
  • A WORK ON EMOTIONS to root significant changes in corporate behaviours. The AEMD Method goes beyond the “here and now” contract usually offered by coaching solutions.
  • AEMD AT WORK PRACTITIONERS have a strong corporate background and 500-hours of training. They can handle any emotional state and understand corporate codes thanks to their own professional experience.
  • THE MENTAL, PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL STANCE OF THE AEMD AT WORK PRACTITIONER is unique, between therapy and coaching. Through free and authentic interactions with the practitioner, the client can understand and legitimise his emotional experiences in the workplace. a
  • TOOLS ADAPTED TO THE CORPORATE WORLD: its vocabulary, its codes, its politics.
    • Our tools can help manage all type of group and individual difficulties such as :
      • Exhaustion, pre burn-out, burn-out
      • Deviant behaviours and harassment
      • Disproportionate stress and pressure situations
      • Career development
      • Management optimisation
      • Human Resources strategies during growth and merger operations
      • Team conflict resolutions
    • Our tools are particularly suited to recruitment and mentoring programs implementation.
    • Finally, our tools allow to work efficiently with groups on topics such as :
      • How to genuinely value a team
      • How to capitalise on a team’s know-how
      • How to use inspiring management technics to increase a team’s ownership, motivation and efficiency

AEMD AT WORK supports all types of structures, CEOs, seniors executives, HR departments and managers, as well as individuals within those teams..

AEMD AT WORK actively participates in the editorial line of l’Observatoire de la Compétence Métier (OCM). OCM is our online French publication, independent and apolitical, advocating the preservation and promotion of people as well as professional skills in the corporate world. OCM’s content reflects our values and core belief that company’s employee expertise is off inestimable value in the long run.

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