We support them <br />in their journey

We support them
in their journey

We support them
in their journey

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Client reviews

I’ve been working with David Demann and AEMD over the last 4 years and it has been one of the most impactful collaborations of our company journey. It did help me to think through my professional leadership, my personal uniqueness and my company strategy in a very unified way.
AEMD’s approach is really special, as it is the only one I’ve seen which is able to combine the What and the How so well. With AEMD, you do not work only on “What’s the right choice ?” but “How to build a true followership on this choice”.
I’ve been pleased to see other members of my leadership team benefit from the AEMD’s coaching and becoming more confident in a very short period of time.
AEMD’s support was totally bespoke to our needs - not feeling taught a given academic view, but really partnering with us to accomplish our biggest dreams.

Quentin Vacher

Co Founder & CEO at Frichti

Our work with AEMD AT WORK® has been much more than simply resolving a crisis. In a difficult existential moment with profound upheavals, the work I did with David Demann allowed me to engage on a structured and peaceful path but has also been a true source of inspiration and energy in all areas of my life. His approach and method are effective without ever giving into superficiality. They also encompass all dimensions - social, professional, and private – building above and beyond any break-up or crisis.

Jean-Christophe Alquier

President & CEO at Alquier Communication

6 months of work with AEMD AT WORK® has created solid support for more fluidity within the teams! It is much more than coaching; it is a dialogue between professionals.

Benjamin Gabay

Cofounder and Partner at Germinal

In less than two months, AEMD AT WORK® helped me to take over the management of several family companies and take ownership of my new function. David Demann's financial, legal and management skills, his business knowledge combined with his finesse and great sensitivity enable him to perfectly understand the ongoing issues. The work we do on emotions also gives me great strength in my personal life.

Alexandra Marang

Managing Director at Iena Gestion et Participations

I really appreciated the method developed by AEMD at work which allowed us to strengthen the links between the members of the team and to gain a better understanding of the organisational aspects of our company. I highly recommend the services of David and his teams who share with him a true culture of results and service.

Thomas Blondet

Managing Partner at Rochefort & Associés

There are 3 main reasons why I value David Demann's support: There is no distinction between the personal and the professional, which has allowed me, and still does, to work on myself whilst working on my career. In the end, is it even realistic to separate our ability to manage our emotions in these two areas? He is himself an entrepreneur, runs several companies, has extensive experience in executive coaching and therefore he totally understands the professional issues around managing people, crisis situations or difficult decisions making. He is absolutely passionate and always very available when I need him. I moved to Hong Kong five years ago and he continues to support me when necessary. Thank you for everything David.

Marine Boris

Chief of Staff and Innovation Leader at Decathlon

After being promoted to a senior position with substantial responsibility in a very demanding professional context, I was very fortunate to be helped by AEMD AT WORK® with issues of self-confidence and leadership. The AEMD® Method allowed me to approach complex professional situations from a different perspective by identifying and expressing my own feelings and emotional blocking points. The sessions helped me to feel legitimate in my role, to find my place and to champion my ideas with the company's high executives. The sessions allowed me to realise that I tended to experience certain situations passively and sometimes even to brood over negative emotions. Whereas had I expressed myself at the right time, I could have become the driver of the situation to activate the solutions myself instead of waiting for them to come to me. David uses a genuine method to analyse situations that appear stressful or overwhelming in order to identify the underlying emotions, to remove oneself from them and to be more rational and efficient. I highly recommend it!

Coralie Digiugno

Head of HR at Frichti

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