They trust us
Jean-Christophe Alquier
President - CEO

Our work with David Démann has been much more than a crisis resolution. In a difficult existential moment with profound upheavals, the work I did with David Démann allowed me to engage on a structured and peaceful path but has also been a true source of inspiration and energy in all areas of my life. His approach and method are effective without giving into superficiality. They also encompass all dimensions – social, professional and intimate – to build beyond any break-up or crisis.

Julia Bijaoui

The AEMD Method is the best method I know of to coach business leaders, and more broadly members of any executive committees. Thanks to a holistic approach combining an extremely fine psychological analysis with a true business understanding, the sessions help me progress as a person, as a manager and as CEO. Soft skills, corporate culture, recruitment support, strategic perspective are a few of the many topics we are working on and making progress. I have tried several coaching methods before and it is the first one that gives me full satisfaction.

Benjamin Gabay
Co-founder and Partner

6 months of work with David, it’s a watertight support for more fluidity within the teams! Much more than coaching, it is above all a dialogue from professional to professional.

Marine Boris
Chief of Staff and Innovation Leader

I value David Démann’s support for three main reasons:
– He does not dissociate the personal world from the professional one which allowed me and still does to shape my life while building my career. At the end, is it realistic to dissociate our ability to manage our emotions in these two areas?
– He is himself an entrepreneur, runs several companies, has a long expertise in coaching senior executives and therefore he understands perfectly the professional issues whether it relates to people management, crisis situations or difficult decision making.
– He is absolutely passionate and always very available for me. I moved to Hong Kong five years ago and he continues to support me when necessary.
Thanks for everything, David.

Coralie Di Giugno
Head of HR

David Démann is a savvy psychologist. His expertise and methodology combined with his knowledges of careers and the corporate world make his profile an essential nugget to the current needs. I am convinced that he is leading up a new path of coaching and that his method will be emulated by companies that will be open to new management approaches.

Laetitia Iafrate Guinard
Director of Management Control

After being promoted to a senior position in a very demanding professional context, I had the chance to work with David Démann on self-confidence and leadership issues. The AEMD Method allowed me to understand complex work situations from another perspective by identifying and expressing my own feelings and emotional blocking points. The sessions helped me to feel legitimate in my role, to find my place and dare to champion for my ideas with the company’s high executives. They made me perceive that I had the tendency to “endure” certain situations passively and sometimes even ruminate negative emotions. I realised, it would have been enough for me to be vocal at the right time and position myself as a “driving force” of the situation to generate the solutions myself rather than waiting for them to come to me. David uses a very efficient method to analyse situations that appear stressful or impossible to overcome enabling to identify underlying emotions, detach from them and be more rational and effective. I highly recommend!

Alexandra Marang
Managing Director

The AEMD Method has helped me, through the analysis of my emotions, in given situations, to understand my reactions and to be able to adapt. The sessions create and highlight the necessary distance that allows us to progress and adjust our behaviour in complex work situations. Professional relationships include hierarchy, people we manage, but also peers. Pertaining my personal case, I succeeded in repositioning myself as leader in the finance department.

In less than two months, David Démann helped me take over the management of several family businesses and take ownership of my new function. His financial, legal and management skills; his business knowledge combined with his acuteness and his great sensitivity allow him to perfectly understand any ongoing issues. The work on emotions that we achieved together gives me great strength in my personal life as well.

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